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My family law practice is focused on providing clients with the legal counsel they needs at what is probably the most emotional time of their life.  I assist my clients in making rational and logical decisions and, if necessary, will argue before the Court to ensure they receive everything they are legally entitled to under Florida law.  My goal is that each and every one of my clients survive the divorce experience realizing that their life is not over, just different.  
If you are involved in a divorce, child custody dispute, modification of child support and/or alimony, or other family law matter, you may  feel quite uncertain about the future. I can help you devise a  strategy that, once legal proceedings are complete, puts you on a positive path toward your future.  To schedule your initial consultation, please call my office at (407) 875-5757.  I look forward to the opportunity to represent you.

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"No matter which party filed the actual divorce papers, ending a marriage is stressful on everyone concerned.  During this time, you want an experienced attorney by your side.  You want an attorney who zealously represents your interests, yet remembers the compassion and respect you deserve.  I strive to instill a sense of calm and confidence in my clients by vigorously protecting their rights in accordance with Florida law."
"A divorce is not an easy process for either spouse.  Even if you are the one asking for the divorce, the dissolution process is emotionally overwhelming.  I understand this, and I will both competently and compassionately represent your interests throughout the legal proceeding." 

"The standard of the Court when deciding a Family Law issue involving children is ' the best interest of the child.'  If you have children and are faced with a divorce, it is your responsibility to make sure that the decisions made between you and your spouse are decisions that have the best interest of your child(ren) first and foremost.  You can trust that I will provide competent legal advice to you to ensure that the decisions you make comply with this standard set by the Court, always focusing on the best interest of your child(ren)." 


Mary Beth Kelly

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